Aligned Health  - Come for relief, stay for wellness

A note to the Aligned Health Community regarding COVID-19:
We are trying to return to our normal office life, but some changes remain.

During this unsettling global event, our office remains committed to remaining open and providing the high-quality services you have come to know and expect. Our highest priority is to continue working in the best interest of our patients for as long as possible. Ultimately, we may have to close our doors if government mandates that we do so. It is important to remember that these mandates, although not convenient, exist only to protect the public and minimize risk. 

What is this office doing to minimize risk?

We are scheduling less heavily throughout the day, allowing us to have time to disinfect common surfaces and to prevent interactions between patients. 

We respectfully ask that no unnecessary persons present in our office at this time. This includes spouses, children, and any person who may have drove you to your appointment. Please call for an appointment instead of stopping by the office.

Hard surfaces like countertops, adjusting tables, chairs, door handles, etcetera are disinfected between patients. Soft surfaces are used once per patient and washed.

We have removed all commonly shared items from our office. The coffee pot, water dispenser, cups, toys, and shared reading materials are sources of potential virus exchange between patients and will not be available for the extended future.

Any patient with flu-like symptoms will be asked to return home at this time.

We wash our hands thoroughly between patients and sanitize them when entering and exiting our exam and treatment rooms. We are not requiring patients to be masked at this time, however, you may wear a mask if you would like. Dr. Breanna will mask on request but is otherwise not wearing a mask when treating patients. 

We are not requiring patients to sign fee slips or credit cards slips at this time to prevent cross-contamination between patients via shared writing equipment. We also use non-touch garbage receptacles, paper towel dispensers, and have hand sanitizer readily available. We do respectfully request patients to sanitize hands on entry into the office. 

What can you do to minimize your personal risk?

If you are an at-risk individual, please remain home. At-risk people include the elderly, those with heart disease, respiratory disease, diabetes, those receiving chemotherapy, and other immune-compromised individuals. If a loved one falls into this category, you may want to evaluate your need for our services during this time.

We also ask that you arrive by yourself to your appointment and bring no unnecessary persons with you, including your children, when possible. If you must have someone to drive you to your appointment, we ask that they please wait in the car and not in the waiting room.

Use common sense and be courteous to your fellows. This is a highly-contagious respiratory disease that can spread by touch and through droplets spread in saliva and mucus. That being said, don’t touch anything that you don’t have to. Use a disposable tissue to open doors or turn on faucets. Wear a mask if you think you may be infected and stay at home. Cover your cough. Wash your hands frequently. Bring your own pen to sign checks and documents. Remember, YOU are the best person to rely on to ensure you remain healthy.

Believe us, we know that sometimes back, neck, or joint pain requires urgent care or attention, but discomfort will not result in a serious health condition if left unattended during the peak of COVID-19. Please be courteous and safe during this time. If you or a loved one has been ill, please refrain from visiting the office for the safety of others.

 Thank you for putting your trust in Aligned Health. We will continue to work together toward wellness during this unprecedented situation.

 Yours in Health,

Dr. Breanna Bischoff